Repairing your bike


Your bike is no longer roadworthy? You want to get it repaired without it costing too much? You want to repair it yourself? You have several options:

  • Repair workshops (like the ones of Pro Velo)
  • Training in bike mechanics and DIY

Our repair workshops

In Brussels, Namur, Liège, Ottignies, Gembloux and Mons.

You have a flat tyre? A problem with your brakes, derailleur, dynamo? Our technical team is on hand to welcome you at its workshop, where it provides a service for small repairs on all kinds of bikes.


  • As active players in the community/social economy, our experienced professionals oversee young apprentice mechanics.
  • Our first commitment is helping people back on their way. We focus on small repairs of utility bikes. We do not deal with specialist repairs such as disk brakes, adjusting suspension, top range road or VTT equipment. For this type of service, we suggest you consult a bike shop.

Our commitment to you

  • We always provide an estimate before taking charge of your bike.
  • If we discover a problem during the course of the repair, we will contact you and discuss what to do next.
  • We try to prioritise and fit in, wherever we can, utility cyclists into our schedules.

Check our availability!

We'd love to welcome you in one of our repair shops. But, depending on a whole list of circumstances, we could be kinda busy... Urgent mobility needs? Give us a call before you swing by!

Quanto costa?

The most common repairs are listed in the table below. This represents only a part of our range of repair services.

We never give an estimate over the phone. It is always necessary to see your bike in order to arrive at the best estimate for the repair cost. In any case, before starting the repair, we need to work through a series of questions that require us to look at your bike and consider the best solution in discussion with you:

  • Does the request for a repair tackle the appropriate part of the bike?
  • Is it possible to make the repair or should we consider changing a piece?
  • Will the repair also entail repairing a surrounding part?
  • Do we have the pieces specific to your bike?

Our rates include TTC (VAT) and are only for the labour. You need to add the cost of parts to these rates. The prices of these vary from one location to another (depending on the different suppliers).

Quick and efficient service, friendly welcome, long time slots, sound advice and nifty items in the shop… My Brompton appreciated it, and so did I :-)
Vincent L.
Adjusting 1 brake
€ 8.5
Adjusting 2 brakes
€ 17
Changing 1 pair of brake blocks
€ 10.5
Changing 1 cable and/or ferrule
Adjusting 1 derailleur
€ 8.5
Adjusting 2 derailleurs
€ 17
Changing 1 derailleur
€ 16
Changing 1 derailleur gear shifter
€ 16
Changing or repairing the chain
€ 10.5
Changing the cassette / freewheel
€ 8.5
Changing the chainset
€ 21
Changing 1 inner tube and/or 1 tyre
€ 7.5
CHanging 1 inner tube and/or 1 tyre on a hub gear/Sturmey of a folding bike (steel)
€ 11
CHanging 1 inner tube and/or 1 tyre on a hub gear/Sturmey of a folding bike (aluminium or carbon fibre)
€ 20
Truing (straightening) 1 wheel
€ 8.5
Replacing max. 3 spokes + truing
€ 16
Changing front wheel
€ 10.5
Changing back wheel
€ 16
Excluding pieces
€ 43


Training in bike mechanics

In Wallonia, Pro Velo offers training workshops in different locations, where you can learn to maintain your bike by yourself. In Brussels, similar programmes are organised by our friends of les ateliers de la rue Voot and CyCLO.

Through developing personalised solutions that facilitate and encourage people to transition to cycling, the non-profit organisation Pro Velo contributes to a higher quality of life.